This is a list of our property maintenance and land work services. For more information or pricing, please visit our contact page.

Land Work:
• Building and Repair of Gravel Driveways
• Stump Removal
• Moving Stones
• Setting Stones
• Digging Frost Walls
• Digging Foundations
• Digging Waterlines
• Building Retaining Walls
• Site Preparation for
Garage Pads
Property Maintenance:
• Yard Work
• Raking
• Blowing
• Sweeping
• Gutter Cleaning
• Asphalt Sweeping
• Mulching
• Edging
• Mowing
• Bush Trimming
• Bleaching Mold and Mildew from Buildings
• Winter Sanding







These are the top-of-the-line tools we use for maintenance projects. Be sure to click here to check out more pictures on our Picasa Web Album!

Note: Window services can be performed most seasons of the year. Please check our Windows page for more information.